The highest standards of quality underpin all of our manufacturing processes and products, backed by 3rd party certifications across the key markets in which we operate.

In a business where lives are at risk, nothing can be left to chance. Over the years, we have worked hard to build and nurture a reputation for unrivalled product quality assurance in our sector.

Calibration & Testing

As an integral part of our assembly process, each individual alarm is tested and calibrated in the relevant environment in which it is expected to operate -that is Smoke, Heat or Carbon Monoxide. Every single alarm is tested at multiple points to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

Our final in-process and random checks ensure that the highest levels of quality assurance have been applied, which is reflected in consistently impressive ‘Near Zero’ failure rates in the field.


We further recognise that expert training in the use, installation and maintenance of our products plays an essential role in an end-to-end quality assurance regime. To this end we have a long history of providing accredited training courses to the industry in the markets in which we operate.