Designed for Germany, Made in Ireland

German law requires that smoke alarms be inspected once a year over the course of their ten-year life. Up until recently, this meant that a qualified individual had to physically get access to the property to perform the test and formally certify the unit. Thanks to a revision of the norm, this test can now be performed from outside the property or remotely. Developed in line with this change, the Ei6500-OMS Remote Inspection Alarm negates the need for access to the property.

To facilitate remote inspection, all of the information from the alarm is communicated via an RF radio in the alarm to a receiving device which is outside the property.

Typically this is a handheld meter reading device. The alarm unit is fitted with an ultrasonic smoke entry obstacle detection system. This system regularly checks the unit’s smoke entry openings for blockages, and the surrounding area for obstacles within a range of up to 0.5m from the unit.

All of the data from the alarms is uploaded by the meter readers to a central dashboard that can be securely accessed by the customer.