Innovation in Our DNA

At our foundation we set out on a path to provide quality products and services that make residential buildings safer for occupants. To this day, innovation driven problem solving remains at the heart of our design and manufacturing process

First to Market

  • Sensors
  • Wireless RF Mesh Connectivity
  • Ease of Installation (Easi-Fit)
  • Data Download (RadioLink & AudioLink)
  • Battery Technology (10 year & Rechargeable)
  • Control Accessories

Since our earliest smoke alarm chamber design breakthrough in 1978, we have built an impressive track record of successful patent registrations related to our core technologies such as the alarm chambers, enclosure (housing) design, sensors, battery technology, and wireless interconnection technologies. Time and again throughout our history these innovations have enabled us to be first to market with best in class products. Testament to this problem solving approach to product development is a growing and loyal customer base worldwide.

Expanding, Dedicated R&D Department

Our expert team come from a range of disciplines including chemistry, physics, electrical and mechanical design, embedded software development and PCB design. Links to leading third level institutions and outside bodies also complement our engineering resource and accelerate product development

Patents Related to: 

  • Chamber design. 
  • Battery technology, 
  • Enclosures (housing), 
  • Sensors
  • Wireless interconnection technology

Our Latest Innovations


Remote Inspection

SmartLink Gateway

SmartLink Gateway

Ei3000 Series

Ei3000 Series

Looking to the future, we believe that our commitment to leading edge research and innovation will ensure our position as a technology leader in this sector well into the future.