Ei Electronics Women in Engineering Scholarships

2022 marks the third year of Ei Electronics annual Women in Engineering Scholarships in the University of Limerick. To date, we have met countless STEM ambassadors and have been proud to support four successful candidates in their studies.

2020 Scholarship Winner: Niamh Hickey

  • Course: BSc in Applied Physics

Having wowed our interview panel virtually in October 2020, Niamh became our inaugural recipient of the Ei Electronics Women in Engineering Scholarship. A true ambassador for STEM, Niamh is a workshop facilitator for the SOPHia Project whose aim is to educate students on the importance of physics. The aim of the project is try and get more people, especially girls and young women, to take physics at a higher education level. As of January 2022, Niamh is officially a member of our Engineering team as part of her Co-Op placement in UL.

2021 Scholarship Winner: Gabriela Lyko

  • Course: BSc in Computer Science
  • Year: 2nd Year

In 2021, our interview panel regrouped to virtually interview our new set of applicants. Gabriela’s enthusiasm and commitment to her studies ultimately shone through among a wide set of high calibre applications, as well her keen interest in Ei Electronics different technologies. She will join our Engineering Team for work experience in the Summer of 2023.

2021 Special Bursary Award: Zara Stratford

  • Course: Computer Science

After much discussion amongst our interview panel, it was decided to award an additional Special Bursary Award due to the wide variety and high caliber of STEM Ambassadors we were presented with in 2021. Zara Stratford was selected as the successful candidate for this award. With a keen interest in the application of physics in real life, she will be a great addition to the Ei team when she joins us for her Coop placement in 2023.

2022 Scholarship Winner: Ciara Marie Beaton

  • Course: BSc in Computer Science

In 2022, mature student Ciara Marie Beaton was chosen as our 4th recipient of the Ei Electronics Women in Engineering Award. Ciara’s work ethic and passion for real-world applications for her studies shone throughout the application process. We look forward to welcoming her on campus in the near future for a formal presentation and to meet the rest of the Ei team.

Our Commitment to Gender Balance in Industry

In 2018, we started playing a more active role in proactively trying to create more gender balance within our industry. This came following the statistic that only 16 % of Engineering Graduates in Ireland were women that year, and made up only 12% of professionals in industry. This trend continues across many other STEM courses that we hire from. We believe in hiring talent, regardless of gender. However, a major part of our workforce was lacking a female and more gender balanced voice. 

With the creation of the scholarship, we are proud to support women pursuing engineering and STEM related courses annually. Countless students we get to meet through the interview process are often the only females in their university course or were not able to avail of more science-based subjects in their leaving certificate. Many of whom, had to use their lunch hour for classes and others attended local boys schools in order to take part in Physics lessons.

In addressing this gender role imbalance, we understand that more needs to be done at Primary and secondary level. As an active member of the Explore Engineering team since 2018 (previously Limerick for Engineering), each year we engage with local secondary schools, create online content to aid them in their study options and take part in the annual showcase. A part of this effort includes the INSPIRE event, where girls from schools across the Midwest get to meet passionate, female STEM role models and hear their study and career stories.

With over 40 members across the MidWest, Explore Engineering is an industry led initiative which has support of the education and training providers in the region. The primary goal of the group is to increase the quality and quantity of engineering talent (apprentice, technicians and engineers) available in the region. As the group continues to grow, we’re excited to expand our own initiatives, create more talent in the region and facilitate our industry having a more diverse and equal workforce.