Ei Electronics Funds New AstroTurf All-Weather Pitch Facility for Limerick City School

As part of our ongoing CSR initiatives, students at Our Lady Queen of Peace Janesboro received a welcome end-of-school-year present: a brand-new Astroturf pitch.

Mayor Of Limerick Michael Sheahan, Ei Electronics CEO Mick Guinee, Sister Claire Morrisey and Principal Michael Ryan

Funded by Ei Electronics, development of this new all-weather addition to the school has recently been completed.

The pitch was formally opened by Mayor of Limerick Michael Sheahan, EI Electronics CEO Mick Guinee, Principal Michael Ryan and Sister Claire Morrisey; first person through the doors of the school in 1954. The inaugural game on the pitch was a basketball game between teachers and students, with the teachers squeaking out a win over their pupils. Mayor Sheahan issued a decree at the end of his speech that there was to be no homework assigned on Monday – much to the delight of students and staff.

Mayor Of Limerick Michael Sheahan, Principal Michael Ryan and Ei Electronics CEO Mick Guinee,

The school is the alma mater of Ireland hockey World Cup squad member Roisin Upton, and principal Michael Ryan hopes that more of his students follow in her footsteps. He said: “It is vital for kids to have exercise and movement in their lives and to step away from the mobile phone screens”. Ryan stated that the school has “always had a strong educational heritage in the Janesboro area” and that the pitch reaffirms that belief.

Commenting on the funding, Ei Electronics CEO Mick Guinee said:

‘We hope that our support will help students reach their full sporting potential and give them many lasting memories from their time in school.’