“Our business philosophy empowers our Group entities to act locally, still mindful that all of our people should operate to the highest standards of transparency, honesty, integrity and responsible behaviour. We are also committed to building a sustainable business as part of our long term corporate and social responsibility”

Mick Guinee CEO

The 3 Pillars of Ei CSR

Employee Welfare

Short & Long Term

Our expanding global team is part of a long standing culture of long service in Ei employment. Today, CPD Training, benefits and Leadership progression programmes are part of what makes Ei a great place to work

Community & Region

Support & Development

At the cornerstone of our culture is a commitment to contributing to the communities we serve, through ongoing support of local schools and universities, sporting institutions and charities


& Care for the Environment

We continue to focus on achieving the highest standards of environmental management in all our activities and to proactively address the ongoing challenges and opportunities presented by global climate change

Featured Projects

Developing Future Talent

Shannon Aviation Museum

Milford Hospice

Young Scientist Tanzania


The Ei team are continuously involved at Primary and Secondary School level in carrying out engineering talks & activities. This has helped spark curiosity in students from a young age into how STEM careers make a difference in people’s everyday lives.

This support is continued at third level as we sponsor the studies of students through the Leaders@LIT Bursary Awards at Limerick Institue of Technology and the Ei Electronics ‘Women in Engineering’ Scholarship at the University of Limerick. 

Our hope is to inspire the next generation of engineers while focusing on creating a more gender-balanced industry.

– Mick Guinee, Ei Electronics CEO