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Ei Electronics launch new AudioLINK technology

Ei electronics AudioLINK alarmsRenowned for its innovation Ei Electronics is pleased to announce the launch of AudioLINK™, a revolutionary new data extraction technology integrated into all of its CO Alarms.

AudioLINK allows for invaluable real time data to be acoustically extracted via the Alarm’s sounder - all you need is an AudioLINK enabled CO Alarm, a tablet or smart phone and most importantly the free AudioLINK App. This data is converted into an “Alarm Status” report, which is simple to review and store.

The report is created for the life of the Alarm, and is colour coded to identify the urgency of any issue. The report displays useful information about the Alarm, such as battery life, alarm sensor status, number of times tested, power on duration, Alarm head removal and detection levels of CO, including background CO, with details of when it occurred - all in a simple format. As the information is generated in real time, any issue identified can be dealt with there and then.

Additional information about each section can be obtained simply by tapping onto the desired area on the tablet or smart phone – this will then provide more detailed guidance to the user. The report can accommodate additional information such as a site reference number, address or location before being forwarded via email or to be stored in a key location for future reference.

Data is stored for the life of the Alarm and can be extracted as many times as required, enabling historic information to be retained. As such, AudioLINK is proving extremely popular with social landlords as it improves the level of protection their tenants will receive whilst being more time, budget and resource efficient. The reports provide physical records of Carbon Monoxide levels in the properties they manage. It can be used as part of the property checks prior to changing over to new tenants, contributes towards the annual Gas Safety Checks/ Annual Boiler Maintenance and generates real time information should CO leaks be detected or the safety of a fuel burning appliance reported.

AudioLINK has been installed as standard into Ei Electronics’s Ei208 Lithium battery powered CO Alarm range and the Ei261ENRC powered CO Alarm range. The Ei262 mains powered CO Alarm will be available from April. The Alarms all feature a proven CO sensor which is pre-calibrated and tested in real CO gas to ensure accuracy and attains the Irish Standard for CO detection in residential dwellings - IS EN 50291-1:2010+A1:2012 or IS EN 50291-2:2010. The Ei208 series Alarms support both audible and visual indication for end of life. To clearly identify the new AudioLINK featured Alarms, the units will carry a readily identifiable AudioLINK symbol.

Ei Electronics have worked with local authorities and housing association across Ireland and the UK to develop AudioLINK and believe that this innovation will benefit both tenants and social housing providers. Also, if that wasn’t enough all Ei Electronics CO Alarms now come with a 10 Year Life proving the best value protection.
Ei Electronics AudioLINK Patent Application No. 11394025.8

All Ei Electronics alarms are designed and built in Ireland specifically to meet EU standards and regulations. For more information please contact Tom Meehan, Technical Sales Manager, Mobile: 086 2619357 Office: 061 471277, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Click here for information and download instructions
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