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We have all seen and read the horror stories in the media. Sadly this highly toxic gas has earned its reputation as “The Silent Killer”.

Hundreds die and thousands are injured each year.
Low level exposure may lead to serious long term illness.
It is often misdiagnosed as a common cold or flu.
The physical and financial costs of a misdiagnosis can be serious.
Deaths and injuries are not always attributed to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
Carbon Monoxide poisoning incidents are under reported.

Carbon Monoxide or CO is released as a by product of a combustion 

process. Any household appliance that burns natural gas, coal, oil, bottled gas, paraffin, wood, petrol, diesel or charcoal will produce some levels of Carbon Monoxide.

The levels of Carbon Monoxide/CO produced will vary depending on the type of fuel being burnt and the quality of the service and maintenance of the appliances.

Signs of potential Carbon Monoxide problems include:

Build-up of soot and/or discolouring around the appliance. 
Excessive condensation on walls and windows. 
High incidences of poor health in the home.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2016
September 26th – October 2nd

The dangers associated with carbon monoxide are promoted to the general public every year through television, radio, press, digital and direct mail advertising.  This year, in an effort to do something different and to generate greater public engagement on the subject of carbon monoxide, a dedicated Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week is being held from September 26th – October 2nd

For more information on Carbon Monoxide Awareness visit the Carbon Monoxide website:

Look for trained RGI Installers:

Sources of Carbon Monoxide in the home
CO dangers

Where to buy:

For information on Carbon Monoxide in the UK please visit:

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