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Carbon Monoxide Alarm for Caravan BoatBS EN50291-2:2010

Ei battery Carbon Monoxide alarms approved for use in caravans & boats

Ei Electronics’ range of quality battery powered Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms have now been tested to BS EN50291-2:2010, making them suitable for use in recreational vehicles and craft, including caravans and boats.

Compact and sleek, making them ideal for recreational vehicles and crafts of all sizes, the Ei207 and Ei208 Series alarms benefit from the proven CO sensor used across all Ei Electronics CO alarms, which is pre-calibrated and tested in CO gas to ensure accuracy.

Carbon Monoxide is a highly poisonous gas. Commonly referred to as the silent killer, it cannot be seen, smelt, tasted or felt, yet at high concentrations, it can kill without warning, sometimes in minutes.

Each year people die or suffer serious illness as a result of Carbon Monoxide poisoning whilst on board a boat. The same design that makes boats water tight also makes them potential containers for gases and fumes. In recent years, solid fuel stoves and engine or generator exhaust gases have been responsible for most deaths of boaters from CO poisoning. Faulty or badly maintained or misused appliances, escaped flue gases from fuel stoves and blocked ventilation or short supply of air, can all contribute towards a dangerous build-up of CO.

The only way to detect CO is with a certified, audible Carbon Monoxide alarm. Before purchasing a Carbon Monoxide alarm for your caravan or boat, always make sure it is marked to EN50291-2:2010. It should also have ‘The British Standards’ kite mark or other European organisation’s mark on it.

The new range of Ei207 Series Carbon Monoxide alarms, certified to BS EN50291-2:2010, are available from all good retailers, including Homebase and Wilkinsons.

Celebrating 50 years of manufacturing excellence in Ireland, Ei Electronics is an acknowledged market leader in Residential Fire Safety Products. One of Ireland’s largest indigenous electronic companies, Ei Electronics employs over 400 people.

The Company has achieved continuous growth through the development of a stream of innovative new products manufactured on state of the art process technology, delivered to the highest customer service standard.

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